This barber shop is simply a cupboard sized room with a door leading straight out onto the main road in Odiaxere.  The first time I noticed it we were stopped in the cue for the traffic lights.  Even sitting in the passenger seat of the van you were pretty much in the door way.  We were driving along at night, I glanced over to my right and suddenly was in this bazaar little world of an old traditional Portuguese barber shop complete with naked lady posters and a neatly trimmed spectacled man trying to negotiate the undulating jowls of his overweight patron.

This is my first attempt at a night time time lapse.  These are starting to get tricky now.  Getting the right amount of foreground light/exposure, as well as something interesting is going to be challenging.  Light pollution is a big hazard, even in this composition where I did not think there was much light pollution, there turned out to be loads, but then if you want to have foreground detail exposed you are going to get light pollution in the sky from that light source most likely.  I am going to need to do some internet searching to find out how to get my camera to take 30 second exposures with 1 second intervals.  The movement of the stars is way too jerky as the camera had to process the exposure, which took another 30sec, so the intervals where 30sec.  You’ll be surprised how quickly them stars move.  I ended up only getting 38 exposures over almost an hour, so this video has been “stretched” to spread the 38 frames over a 3 second video with a frame rate of 24 fps.


No, I have not missed a day, this is yesterday's picture, but I did not have an internet connection at the time to post it up here.  This weird house, elaborately decorated in junk, does not appear to be inhabited.  Some of the doors are open and you can peer right in.  There no signs of life inside.  It's pretty weird I thought.  If you look closely at this picture you will notice that the various objects are actually arranged and not simply just dumped here.  It all seems a bit too symmetrical and some items are specifically hung on the walls.  Around the other side it is decorated with various random items such as thick ropes, a boat's steering wheel, a few old sewing machines and an old knitted Pink Panther teddy bear.  Did I mention it was a bit strange?

Looking out the window at the darkening clouds I was hesitant about going out to find something to shoot today.  Then I noticed that our next door neighbour had this fern growing on her balcony and saved me from heading out in this unusually foul weather.  I really like this species of fern.  At least I think it's a fern.  I had only ever seen it in the botanical gardens in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, and I had always wanted to take a clipping home to put in the garden I made outside my window, but my Dad never let me because you're not supposed to pick anything from the botanical gardens.  Apparently my Grand Father, a well renowned botanist, used to pick bits of plants often when he was out and about, be it from a forest, nature reserve or botanical garden.  This less law abiding spirit must have skipped a generation :)  I like the contrast between the flowing organic plant and the geometric world in which it is growing.

This time I tried to tackle a sunset time lapse.  It’s not too hard:  simply set the camera to a semi auto function, preferably aperture priority so that you keep the same depth of field.  But keeping in mind that once it starts to get dark your shutter speeds may start to exceed your intervals if you are shooting at a low ISO.   I think I shouldn’t have cut this one so short.  I forgot about the fact that the camera would “see” the scene as a lot brighter than it looked to me once the sun had set.  Not sure what to do about the extremes in white balance between the “golden hour” and the “blue hour”.  I’m still experimenting at the moment but once I’ve got them all figured out I’ll seek out some more exciting scenes.

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