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Today was my first day of official work for Ride Portugal and I spent it editing this video.  I’ve have worse days at work.  I did not take any photos today, but I think this can count as my bit of creativity for the day.  I am especially stoked with the brand spanking new Ride Portugal intro animation. Enjoy…


And with it has come the rain.  Go figure.  But it does mean that everything is looking greener and starting to flower.  Literally, as soon as this first-in-months batch of sky water came down, the next day these flowers were out every where.  The rain is always good for the track building, and more importantly - photographs.  The colours out in the forest today were so much more vibrant than they are in the dry and dusty condition you get alongside the bright harsh sunlight.

Tonight's last shift at the bar I have been working at for the past 5 months went very much like most of the rest of the shifts I had done there in the past.  So by 21:30 with absolutely no customers in the bar I sat at the bar myself and had a celebratory beer with...myself.  If I look slightly delirious in this picture it's probably because of too many nights like this.

I had heard that the fisherman around here were pretty mental, and this dude is no exception.  How the hell did he get out there?  And just so he could catch some fish!?  Seems a bit excessive to me.  I mean, the water is not nearly as rough as it was yesterday, but it's rough enough and cold enough to cause you a spot of bother if you fell in.  Can you find the mad fisherman in the photo?  Hint: he's somewhere on a 2/3rds.  

I've been here almost a year now and these are definitely the biggest waves I've seen on this coast.  I guided a cliff top tour today in howling wind under blackening skies.  I think this is one of the best ways to do this trip.  It's pretty intense.  Where this shot was taken you can walk down into the grottos to sea level.  If you dare to.

This dude is German.  And so is the tractor.  And his home.  About 14 years ago it took him 2 and a half years to get here!?  Travelling at the modest speed of 15km/h.  He's a grumpy old bugger, who told me I was disrespectful to have taken a photo of his home without asking, and so I saw that it was not going to be possible to get the photo I really wanted which would have been a portrait of him with the contraption.  You would think that someone who was driving around in a bright red tractor towing a multicoloured graffited up wagon home, around a very popular tourist destination for the last one and a half decades, would have gotten used to people taking photos of him and his house by now.  Or maybe it just made him more bitter about it.  Or maybe people like this are just weird full stop.

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