day 60 – mad fisherman

I had heard that the fisherman around here were pretty mental, and this dude is no exception.  How the hell did he get out there?  And just so he could catch some fish!?  Seems a bit excessive to me.  I mean, the water is not nearly as rough as it was yesterday, but it’s rough enough and cold enough to cause you a spot of bother if you fell in.  Can you find the mad fisherman in the photo?  Hint: he’s somewhere on a 2/3rds.


  1. jess-a-roo said:

    when ur a true fisherman ull go to huge lenths to get one ,but those owes are just plain jintu’s ,still doesnt beat a kaapse krocadil fisherman {snoek fisherman}

  2. pookster said:

    Hard to believe the sea was so rough yesterday.

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