day 56 – barber

This barber shop is simply a cupboard sized room with a door leading straight out onto the main road in Odiaxere.  The first time I noticed it we were stopped in the cue for the traffic lights.  Even sitting in the passenger seat of the van you were pretty much in the door way.  We were driving along at night, I glanced over to my right and suddenly was in this bazaar little world of an old traditional Portuguese barber shop complete with naked lady posters and a neatly trimmed spectacled man trying to negotiate the undulating jowls of his overweight patron.

  1. pookster said:

    Brilliant !
    Sometimes these shot-from-the-hip pics can be so rewarding.
    The lit paved area is a lovely binus.

    • pookster said:

      binus ? bOnus !

  2. Not quite shot from the hip. I had to wait until the main road was clear of cars and then practically lie in the road quickly to get the shot. I really could do with buying some zoom lenses.

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