day 54 – junk house

No, I have not missed a day, this is yesterday’s picture, but I did not have an internet connection at the time to post it up here.  This weird house, elaborately decorated in junk, does not appear to be inhabited.  Some of the doors are open and you can peer right in.  There no signs of life inside.  It’s pretty weird I thought.  If you look closely at this picture you will notice that the various objects are actually arranged and not simply just dumped here.  It all seems a bit too symmetrical and some items are specifically hung on the walls.  Around the other side it is decorated with various random items such as thick ropes, a boat’s steering wheel, a few old sewing machines and an old knitted Pink Panther teddy bear.  Did I mention it was a bit strange?

  1. Lou said:

    What a wicked shot, I’m loving all the earthy tones mixed with that bright blue wheelburrow. lets take residence on those two chairs one day and drink baileys.

  2. pookster said:

    It does make a good mural.
    This brings to mind the junk shop in Kalk Bay, tho’ with a bizarre, otherworldly look about it.

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