day 53 – fern

Looking out the window at the darkening clouds I was hesitant about going out to find something to shoot today.  Then I noticed that our next door neighbour had this fern growing on her balcony and saved me from heading out in this unusually foul weather.  I really like this species of fern.  At least I think it’s a fern.  I had only ever seen it in the botanical gardens in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, and I had always wanted to take a clipping home to put in the garden I made outside my window, but my Dad never let me because you’re not supposed to pick anything from the botanical gardens.  Apparently my Grand Father, a well renowned botanist, used to pick bits of plants often when he was out and about, be it from a forest, nature reserve or botanical garden.  This less law abiding spirit must have skipped a generation 🙂  I like the contrast between the flowing organic plant and the geometric world in which it is growing.

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  1. pookster said:

    Is this the fern (?) with small “thorns” along the stem ?
    Pretty, fine but hardy leaves. Because of their “invasive” nature (good climbers) and very strong rootsystem, it is not a plant I would choose for my garden – the one we had I ripped out with much enthusiasm. If not kept in check they will go quite rampant and are very difficult to remove.
    Having said all that, if it has flowers, it is not a fern – remember, they propogate by spores, not flowers.

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