day 47 – time lapse

One of the reasons for this project is to experiment and explore my creativity, and so I don’t see why not to include video as well.  I shot a time lapse video yesterday for a video shoot we were doing on the new Wide Open track, and I had never done anything like it before so I was not too sure how it would turn out.  It wasn’t bad, but I did come to the conclusion that I needed a bit more practice.  So today I set my tripod up in a couple of different angels to shoot some time lapses of the clouds rolling by.  There was a hell of a lot I learned and a lot more things than I imagined that you need think about.  Firstly, you need to try and predict where the clouds are going to go and how quickly they are going to get there.  Also if any clouds are going to cover the sun in this time (in which case you get a problem with exposure, and quality of light on foreground objects).  Shadows are going to appear to move as well.  Do you want your foreground objects to move (in the wind)?  Any movement seems to change the mood of the footage.  This time lapse was ruined by clouds moving over the sun and the shadow created by something on the washing line and the “stop” sign, both of which moved in the wind.  I didn’t notice these things when I set up the shot because the wind wasn’t blowing at the time.  Apart from that I am happy with the composition and the contrasting colours in the image.  I just love how well my new camera handles the bright sky as part of an image with foreground included.  I’m sure with more experiments I will uncover even more things to consider when shooting time lapses.

  1. pookster said:

    Interesting, What were the intervals ?

    • 3 seconds, and the video was 60fps, but then I sped it up some more after that.

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