day 45 – cobble man

I’ve been wanting to get this shot for a while.  Finally, today the sun was hidden by clouds enough to let me expose for the shade under which my subject is sitting.  This poor dude is sat here in this same spot day after day that we drive past to go trail building – chipping away at the same huge blocks of granite, whittling them down to little palm sized cubes for use as cobble stones.  I like the fact that he is not actually working in this shot.  Rather he is sitting – looking weary – whilst contemplating the surrounding pile that the quarry machines incessantly keep stoked up with more huge blocks of granite.

1 comment
  1. I imagine the answer to the same question posed by the then Pope to Michelangelo while he was working on the Sistine Chapel, “When will you be done ?” would also be, “When I am finished.”
    What a boring job, with an end never in sight. But then, someone has to to it.
    You have captured the mood well.

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