day 36 – gipsy horses

There are a lot of gipsies that live in this area of Portugal.  When they are busy doing other things, they leave their horses in a random field to fend for themselves.  Tethered by a rope, pegged to the ground.  Without water, and only the grass to nibble on.  Having said that this one did look fairly healthy, although her suitor lurking in the background their did look a bit worse for ware.  Just about every field I’ve seen, and there are very many here indeed, has had a horse stood in it at some point or another since I’ve been living here.  This one had 5.  From what I can gather Portugal does not have any nation wide animal welfare association and the only operations that do exist, in this area at least, are privately run shelters, which basically consist of some lady who takes in the odd stray when someone finds one.  There is someone who comes into the bar that I think I can get more information from about this subject.  I will re-post when I find out.

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  1. Jess said:

    Aaaah, hoooorseeeeyyyyy! I like x

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