day 29 – streaks

I read about this very abstract technique in a photography magazine years ago.  It is funny that it has taken me this long to try it out, but I think that this is part of what my 365 project is about – experimenting with something new and exploring photography in ways that I would not normally think of.  The theory is pretty straight forward.  1) Find something that is more or less vertically straight – usually a number of them, and this usually, but not necessarily, comes in the form of a bunch of trees.  2) Set shutter speed to around 1/10th to 1/30th.  Now here’s the hard part: 3) Move camera vertically up or down the subject whilst shooting.  After a few tries you will manage to get the composition you are looking for and you can experiment with different subjects and shutter speeds for different results.  Try it with a tripod for more accurate tilting and longer exposures.

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  1. Mmm, I seem to remember your trying this some time ago at home.

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