day 28 – Giro Xen

I took a tester shot of my trusty Giro Xen helmet a few days ago for some reason or another and although I had no intention of using the shot for anything, when it appeared on my computer screen I was reminded about how much I liked the design of it.  It was the first helmet of it’s kind in mountain biking and since then, every manufacturer has tried to imitate it’s low profile and aggressive-without-being-geeky shapes.  Because I had decided to try and get back into the strobist swing of things, I decided to use it as my subject for some lighting practice.  I knew I wanted to try and emphasise the overall shape of it and try to include some of the forms in the vents.  I also didn’t want to include too much of the colour, but didn’t want to shoot in monochrome. I decided for the back-lit effect.  But the attempts I made in my room had too much light bouncing off the walls and reflecting back onto the front of the helmet and background.  So I went outside and set up two flashes and the result, with very little for the flashes’ light to bounce off of, was a black background and front of the helmet.  However, my minimal strobist set up didn’t show off enough of the edges to reveal the whole form.  Cue tripod, remote trigger and some Photoshop trickery.  After exposing 7 images with different edges lit up and then blended in Photoshop with “lightening” blend mode – this is the result:  Almost as if I had a 7 strobe set up.  Unfortunately, it was very hard to visualize the blended result whilst shooting.  In retrospect I may have tried to get a bit of edge on the bottom of the helmet.


1 comment
  1. pookster said:

    It’s inevitable when doing a project like this one – no matter now much time and effort one puts into it there will always be a, “I wonder if I shouldn’t have done this, or that”.
    That’s the trouble with hindsight.
    A fine effort, though, but if only you had . . . . naa, only kidding.
    ‘Tis indeed a good one.

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