day 27 – winner

Another fairly manic day with very little chance to get a decent shot.  After my race run I did a bit of extra filming of the Elite riders.  Once my camera batteries decided they didn’t like the effort of video making any more, I switched to photos.  The battery lasted for three.  Coincidently, the last three riders exactly, and more so, the last man down the hill was my pic of the day and the eventual winner.  Probably because the dude in this shot was shouting so enthusiastically.  In fact, my camera seemed to decide that this passionate spectator was better off being the main subject of the image and set it’s auto focus on him rather than the rider.  Completely unintentional on my part, but I like the picture for it.  Just wish I’d set a bigger aperture so that the rider was even more out of focus.

  1. jess-a-roo said:

    sick uncle ,that owe is so amped ahaha nice shot !! hope alls good there bra

  2. pookster said:

    This sort of surprise is doubly grarifying – a two-in-one.
    It reminds be of someone I know cheering JT on at the Stellenbosch DH 😉

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