day 26 – bodge bike

Today was a bit manic – between practice sessions at the Portuguese national DH race and then rushing to work barely in time for my shift, the only chance I had at snapping up a pic was this one.  My massively bodged and slightly hanging-out-of-it’s-arse “race” bike.  Complete with gaffer taped pump, for the dodgey no-name brand tube that came with a complimentary slow puncture, more gaffa taped goodness to hold on various bits of frame protection (which had lost most of it’s zip tie fastenings), an unnecessarily long gear outer cable due to different configuration of the replacement mech for the crappy Tiagra mech who’s main spring decided to shuffle off of it’s mortal coil (ahem) and render my drivetrain unusable, and the couple of strands of cable that the new mech is desperately hanging on to.  All this aside, and thanks to some Mojo suspension rider for the Saint mech, the days practice went rather well.

  1. pookster said:

    Aah, all goes to character-making.

  2. Ha, I guess, but I really don’t enjoy riding a bike that isn’t all ship shape. One day…

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