day 23 – road sign

We drive past this sign quite often in the little mountain town of Monchique.  I love thinking that this was possibly the very first road sign in the town at a time when there was only one road and two directions in which to go.  Hopefully, when this old building falls down (in a couple of days or so by the looks of it) people will still be able to figure out how to get to Portimao and Lisbon.  As with most of the old Portuguese residence here, this old boy is not interested in heading towards the bright lights of the big city – 35min drive away.  I often imagine the old folk here reminiscing about the time their old mate Jack made the great trek down to the city and the far fetched stories he came back with, as they all shake their head’s and mutter things like: “that old Jack, he was a crazy one, I’ll tell ya”.  Although I’m sure they would say it with a slightly different accent to the one I am imagining in my head.


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