day 21 – bladers

This one is for you.  You know who you are.  I was so disappointed yesterday when, on the way to work, I was confronted by the opportunity for an absolute banger of a pic, but was too late for work to stop and take it.  A whole street full of these “bladers” (say in action-man American accent) taking part in what appeared to be a pretty serious competition – although I was struggling to take it very seriously myself.  There were grand stands and big banners and they had even blocked off the main street.  Fortunately, when I was riding down to the marina the following morning they were back again.  I guess it was a very serious event then- spanning several days!  It was quite hard to get a good blurred shot as they were not actually going all that fast.  But this had to be the right style of shot for it.  I managed one at 1/30th.  And added a bit of a colourific 90’s EXTREME! effect to it, which works well with the fact that I didn’t manage to get them quite pin sharp.  Kinda like those terrible advertisements you’d see for an adventure tours company in the 90’s where they’ve blurred the shot in post because it just looks so EXTREME!  The dude at the back was going around the loop by himself for about 10 minutes before he latched onto the back end of this young lady train.  A little creepy.  Or maybe it’s just the lycra…

1 comment
  1. pookster said:

    You’re not supposed to give away your trade secrets, Luap. But a great action shot, nevertheless.And the concentration.

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