day 20 – bicycles

Not a particularly sensational image today.  I felt like I was clutching at straws today, but I wanted to take a photo of these bikes in any case if not for this project, then quite simply for posterity at least.  However, it was just about the only photo I took today so it has ended up in the project.  These are the three bicycles I am riding at the moment – depending on the day’s activities.  And here they are as tangled up as they look as they sit in the tiny miniature courtyard of my house. Unfortunately I ride that bad-ass extra small ladies bike the most because that’s the one that gets me to work and back without the fear of theft.  Although I usually walk back up the hill with it because the hill on top of which I live is so steep I would be better off riding down it on the DH rig seen at the back!  The funny thing is, none of these bike I own.  Thanks to Lou, Dan and Brain for the loaners.  My life ain’t too bad after all.

  1. Lou said:

    delightfull side view of the sunflower you’ve shot here.

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