day 18 – balconies

Today I received my new video tripod with fluid pan head and also a custom made slider/dolly, so I went on a little mission to test it out.  While I was unlocking my bike I notice this derelict hotel.  For some reason the architect decided it would be a good idea to design the balconies jutting out as slightly less than 90 degrees on one side, so it hurts your eyes to look at and is almost impossible to tell if you are looking at it straight.  Now try looking at it through a lens and lining it up right.

  1. Samar said:

    doesn’t look like balconies to me!! .

  2. pookster said:

    Like the teeth on the underside of a conveyor belt.
    Somewhere out there is a very big toothed cog !

  3. Nilo said:

    It looks like one of those 3D pictures where you need to squint and move backwards and forwards to see the image!

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