day 15 – puff balls

According to a local landscaper the technical term for these actually is “Puff Balls”.  Although I am still dubious, I’m going to run with it anyway.  I’ve only ever seen these little fungusy balls of fun before in my local riding spot back home in C.T. years ago.  Hence my amusement and consequent time spent out of the day trying to get a shot of my foot exploding one.  Once again I found myself trying to get another shot that required impeccable timing – which I do not posses.  This time I do not want to divulge just how many sad tries this one took before I had the “puff”, shoe and a half decent composition all in one.  It looks like I am stomping on it, but actually kicking works better for a good puff (much more difficult to time right though).

  1. pookster said:

    Interesting. You see them in Tokai, Stellenbosch ? I’ve never seen one.

    • Yeah, I used to see them up Tokai all the time. Before I come along and destroy them then look like dark drown perfectly round balls of dried dung.

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