day 12 – R.I.P. 20D

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Yesterday my spanking new 550D arrived.  I thought it respectful that the first photo I took with it would be of my faithful 20D.  So today’s photo is an ode to one awesome camera.  This old girl has been with me for 5 years now and has served me very well.  She has been hauled across the snowy peaks of French, Swiss and Austrian Alps, tumbled down rocky faces on Canadian coastal mountains, jogged about in the back pack on and off the bike at various bike events and on countless photo missions, weathered the seas sickness in the waters of the Algarve, and braved the choking dust and dry heat of South Africa.  13151 images, according to Lightroom – less the ones I’ve deleted.  3 different continents, many different countries and she has helped me get my images published in 3 different mountain bike magazines.  Alas she is ailing these days.  Her poor low light capability, noisy high ISO range, twitchy jog wheel, stubborn shutter button and looses battery connection have rendered her service unreliable.  So today I will lay her to rest.  R.I.P  My 20D… 😦

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  1. pookster said:

    I think they know when their time is near, and the closer the time they seem to sense the imminent arrival of the new blood, and gracefully surrender their position.The realisation of their failing abilities lessens the pain of their departure from this mortal coil – ” … the moving Finger writes, and having writ, moves on … ” Omar Khayyam.
    Hamba Kahle 20D, you will be well remembered.
    Enjoy your new toy (er, workhorse), Paul.

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