day 11 – old wall

In Portugal, or at least in the part of Portugal where I live, there seems to be a constant struggle between old and new.  There does not appear to be any respect for the old buildings here.  Often they are left to ruin: considered neither attractive enough to restore nor even worth the effort of demolishing.  They simply rot away, undignified, until no one notices that they are gone.  Often they are defaced/decorated with the “new”  which in this case does not seem to be given all that much respect either.  I see this graffiti often on the way in and out of Lagos, or in this case on the way to the shops.  There are other equally intriguing pieces along this 100m stretch, but I chose this part for the fact that half of the artwork has fallen away with the wall or to reveal more of the old wall beneath.  There is some metaphor here about the new not respecting the old and being more temporary and bla bla bla, but I think I’ve typed more than usual here today already.

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  1. pookster said:

    Yes, it is the staying power of the modern world which does not match that of antiquity.
    Urban Decay smorgasbord. I drool at the thought, and envy you.

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