day 7 – bertie

For the second day in a row I’ve left the day’s photo until I got to work.  I hadn’t a clue what would save me this time, having found yesterdays search around the night-scape of Lagos to be unfruitful.  Then along came Bertie!  My favourite dog in Lagos.  I don’t normally like pugs, but Simon’s one is hilarious.  It’s like a tiny little squished up face ball of endless energy.  Here Simon tries to get him to sit still for half a second for a photo by tempting him with some peanuts:  food being Berties soul reason for existence.


1 comment
  1. pookster said:

    Pugs have that perpetual worried look about them – in this case, quite rightly, “Is he going to give me another peanut?” which you have captured well.

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